The good: In September we opened our final branch of the year, in Eldoret, lovingly nicknamed ‘Home of Champions’, as the birth place of many of Kenya’s greatest athletes, and now home to our newest LivelyHoods sales agents! Janet, the new Branch Manager, has established a strong local branch, which is rivaling many of the Nairobi branches in its performance, and has contributed to a very strong sales month where we exceeded our monthly goal. All branches appear to be recovering well after the disruption of the general elections, and we’ve held several new successful training sessions in branches across the country, which has brought us to our largest sales force to date!

The challenge: It was announced this month that there would be a re-run of the August presidential elections, which has further extended the atmosphere of economic and social uncertainty across the country. It looks set to continue into October and November, and we are working hard to provide consumer financing (installment payments), as well as extra incentives to agents and customers in an effort to combat this uncertainty and nationwide slump in retail. We are a little short of our goal for average sales agent income, but this is set to rise, as many of our current sales agents are newly on boarded this month, and their sales are therefore set to grow over the weeks ahead.

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