OCTOBER 2017 || Here we go again

The good: After a difficult couple of months with tumultuous general elections, significant unrest, and an economic downturn, LivelyHoods’ numbers are on the rise again. We’re positive that this positive trend will continue, as stability and normalcy return to the country. Our three strategically placed Nairobi branches cover the entire county, as opposed to the six, have performed better than ever, proving that this downsizing in Nairobi makes for more productive, successful agents with a vast market at their doorstep. We’ve also engaged in successful market storms with our social marketing partners, Population Services Kenya, engaging in behavior change communications alongside the traditional sales pitch.

The challenge: The rerun of the presidential election again forced a closure of all LivelyHoods branches for several days, with the Mathare (east Nairobi) branch staying closed for longer due to prolonged unrest and violence, with fatal clashes between protestors and police. This heavily affected operations, with fewer trainings, several days of no activity and uncertain financial times for everyone, especially low-income households in slum areas. The situation is far from stable, and we continue to monitor the security situation in each of our communities prioritizing the safety of our staff and sales agents. We commend the staff and sales agents’ resilience, and couldn’t be prouder of their results in the face of these difficult times.



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