May 2017 || New branches galore!

The good: As you can see, the LivelyHoods family continues to grow, as this month we opened new branches in Meru and Nyeri, two major towns in the foothills of Mount Kenya. We’ve trained women and youth from these communities to become the first cohort of sales agents providing access to quality products and services to their communities. We’re delighted to say that the average sales agent income has far exceeded our goal, and agents are earning a better livelihood than ever!

The challenge: The total number of sales agents across the organization went down slightly from April to May. Though we have opened the new branches, recruitment in our existing branches has been put on hold due to upcoming elections in Kenya and the mobilization of youth on the campaign trail. As an organization, we have made plans to keep our staff and sales agents safe and informed during these uncertain times, and we look forward to resuming our normal recruiting activities across the country in the second half of August.