July 2017 || One door closes, another door opens

The good: From the amount of green covering our July KPIs, you can tell that it was a good month for LivelyHoods, despite the challenge of impending general elections. We’re exceeding our sales revenue and average sales agent income goals, which translate into more income for the youth and women in our sales force, and greater uptake of clean energy products. One more branch opened this month, the last new branch opening before our temporary closure for elections, after which we’ll resume our expansion plans for the year. 



The challenge: One door closes, and another opens, so goes the old adage. For LivelyHoods this means that as our newest branch opens, another closes after over a year of trying our best to grow our sales in that community. One learning has been that opening a new branch too close to an existing branch will limit the potential for growth of both branches as they eventually compete for the same markets. However, this also mitigates the impact of closing one of the branches, as agents and customers from the branch that closes can easily be absorbed by the nearby branch. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 16.52.53.png