November 2017 || BACK TO NORMAL

The good: After several turbulent months, operations could finally resume (almost) as normal, with all branches open all month, little to no election-related unrest, and committed LivelyHoods sales agents getting back out in the streets and markets with high spirits and quality products! Our agents worked hard and exceeded the income goals established for 2017, meaning that on average each of them took home more than we aimed for at the beginning of the year.

The challenge: The number of agents across the organization did take a hit, as the branch closures and travel surrounding elections meant that some sales agents did not return to their LivelyHoods branch, remained in their rural homes, or found other ways to make ends meet in the interim, despite us providing additional support over this time to make up for the dip in productivity. As the year draws to a close, training of new sales agents is also slowing down, but that means that field staff are providing even more targeted support to the remaining number of agents in each branch.


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