The good: Once again, the income level of individual agents is flying above our goals, meaning that the impact we’re having on individual young men and women is even greater than we expected. Meanwhile, our solar sales are continuing to grow as we deliberately diversify our sales to make up for the difficulty around selling clean cooktoves in recent months!


The challenge: As an organization, we are struggling to hit our sales and clean cookstove distribution goals given uncertain economic times in Kenya, and a growing reluctance to spend money. Compounding this is a temporary ban on charcoal, which has driven up prices of charcoal and there is no clarity on whether this will continue, or if there will be an easing off or indeed a clamp-down on the industry, all of which would have different outcomes for the energy-saving cookstove industry. We are actively developing new products for our catalog that would give our customers greater choice in these uncertain times.

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