October 2018 || Focus on conversion

The good: This month saw a major upturn in revenue and number of products sold, peaking right at the end of the month due to a drop in price of one of our most popular cookstoves. This brought renewed vigor to the sales teams, who have leaped on this new offer to push cookstove sales through to the end of the year. We have not opened any new branches for several months, and have instead been growing sales and sustainability in our 10 existing branches, with two in Nairobi and eight in urban towns and cities across Kenya.


The challenge: We have been closely monitoring conversion rate from trainee to sales agents this year, and our stable (but not growing) sales force size demonstrates that conversion has not been as high as we would have hoped. There are therefore a significant proportion of trainees who are not going on to become sales agents and addressing this is now one of our priorities for the coming months. This will ensure that we can create more jobs for youth and women and that we recover our investment in our training program through their sales.

october KPIs.png