January 2018 || Small but mighty

The good:  The year 2018 is one that all of Kenya has entered into with a sigh of relief. The rollercoaster elections of August and October 2017 are behind us, the economy is starting to pick up again, and a fresh year brings fresh opportunities. For LivelyHoods, this means returning sales agents are full of energy and determination, and the new sales agents we’ve been training all month are raring to go. Though we have a smaller sales force than at the end of the year, due to some individuals not returning after spending the holidays in their rural homes, or moving on to other opportunities, this sales force has been doing great things.  Average agent income and total sales revenue are both well above our goals for this month.

We were also delighted to welcome two new team members in our Nairobi office. Dennis Ochieng is our new Country Director, who will be leading our operations in Kenya to even greater success in the coming years as we continue to expand. Gertrude Jonams is heading up our Women’s Empowerment work, to provide targeted support to female sales agents through mentoring and training.  Read more about our team on our website.

The challenge: January was a short month, as we resumed operations only in the second week, and so we had few days to hit our full month’s targets. Given this time constraint, we did extremely well and even trained 100 people! However, this required a lot of travel across the country and we pushed our training team to the limit, with people spread across all of our branches and going from one training straight into another. We were also excited but put to the test by some shifts in roles and responsibilities, with several team members evolving into new positions within the organization. This therefore requires new processes, structures, and getting used to being held accountable for new responsibilities.  As always, we’ve been blown away by the resilience and energy of the whole LivelyHoods team, and everyone is working towards the shared goal of creating jobs for youth and women in their communities.

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