The good: One of our objectives is to pursue month on month growth, and this month we’ve achieved that for every single one of our KPIs. The most significant growth has been in the number of energy efficient products sold, with an increase specifically in terms of solar products, as we’ve developed a new partnership with D.Light, one of the world’s primary household solar manufacturers. We have this year rolled out a new remuneration structure for sales agents, which is designed to encourage goal setting and enhance retention of sales agents.

The challenge: We’re still a small way off our revenue goal as an organization, and we have a large discrepancy between the sales of our top branches and our lowest performing branches. The challenge now is to identify the specificities of each area and to adjust the product mix and marketing strategies for each. We also have some strategic financing and marketing partners with whom we are working in a number of branches, to boost the number of opportunities LivelyHoods agents have to make sales.

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