The Good: we’re delighted to welcome Bungoma to the LivelyHoods family, as our newest branch in Kenya, bringing our current total to 11! It is a thriving sugar town, with much of the population involved in farming or the production of sugar or maize. This is the closest branch to a neighboring country, lying less than an hour by road from Uganda…watch this space! This May we have had amazing results in terms of income per agent, hitting way above our goal for the month. We have also substantially grown our sale of solar products, totaling 17% of our clean energy products sales, our best ever solar results!

The Challenge: We’ve landed a bit below our sales revenue goal, and have not seen the month-on-month growth we were expecting for this second quarter of the year so far. Though our installment payment sales have been high, these do not always lead to complete sales that same month, and may be completed between one and three months after the customer registers on the plan.  

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