The good: Yet another new addition to the LivelyHoods family, which has grown to a total of 12 branches! We opened our branch in Kisumu this month, which is Kenya’s third largest city. This has been a challenging branch to open, as it had been slated for 2017. However, unrest around last year’s elections in the area led us to delay this branch’s opening. Now it is fully in business and we have a fresh cohort of Kisumu-based agents brining clean cookstoves and solar products to households in their communities. We’ve also further grown our sales of solar products to include pay-as-you home systems, in part due to the success of these products in our new branches where there are low levels of electrification.

The challenge: Though each sales agent is excelling (demonstarted by the average sales agent income of 123% of our goal), we do not have as large a sales force as we would like for this time of year, which makes it challenging to hit our revenue goal. Some recruitments have been less succesful than projected, so we had a low number of new sales agents joining the branches. We have, however, expanded our partnerships with community groups, who we partner with as both customers and independent entrepreneurs.

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