JANUARY 2019 || new year, new products…old prices!

The good: After a jubilant end to the year, with our best month of sales to date (December 2018) we were apprehensive about January, as prices were set to go up for many of our products. However, prices remained the same on our main cookstove product, which helped to maintain higher than expected sales. We also started piloting LPG (liquid petroleum gas) at highly competitive prices in a couple of branches, which we intent to expand to other branches in the coming months. We’re also ecstatic to have hit double our sales agent income goal which is testament to the hard work of each and every LivelyHoods sales agent.


The challenge: As with every new year, we always see a drop off in the number of agents given that many do not return after the extended holidays. We counter this by offering additional bonuses and incentives to sales agents and so we did mitigate this attrition. We also then conducted several new trainings in a handful of branches so that we could boost our sales force numbers.

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