The good: We’ve been incredibly consistent in helping our sales agents maximize their earnings, with the same sales agent income as last month. We also finally said goodbye to some of the product issues we’d been having, with one of our main suppliers finally able to supply us in plenty after some issues that held up manufacturing and supply. We’ve also launched some exciting pilots, offering certain products on credit, and even offering our customers a loyalty programme to encourage repeat purchases, all of which means more sustainable income for our sales agents!


The challenge: Despite our great results for individuals, our total sales compared to our goal were not quite on par, and we fell short of the target. Our total sales force has already slightly dropped, as we have been conducting fewer trainings than previous months. We will be holding a number of trainings in June, which will boost our total sale force, and also our sales revenue, as we have seen a direct correlation between number of sales agents and total revenue compared to our goal.

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