The good: There’s something so pleasing about a nice round ‘1,000’ clean energy products sold! To add some colour to this, that’s made up of 730 cookstoves and 270 solar products, and we can also mention the 50 or so other products sold (household appliances and water filters, which do not fall under this clean energy category). We’ve also far exceeded our average sales agent income goal, a trend we’ve managed to hold on to almost the entire year. This is testament to the hard work of our agents in pursuing their sales, but also of strong guidance from the branch managers and sales coordinators, who have been providing all the necessary support to agents through promotions, new products, and clear marketing strategies to help them hit their goals.


The challenge: Though our sales agent income is exceptionally high, our total sales revenue is substantially off our goal for the second month in a row. This is because our total number of sales agents has not been growing as we’ve still been concentrating on having smaller micro-recruitments at the branch level, coordinated by the Branch Manager. In this way the Branch Manager is empowered to onboard and train new recruits and accompany them throughout their whole LivelyHoods journey. However, we have not seen this lead to an improvement in conversion or retention so will look to reverting to our old strategy of involving trainers in more wide-scale recruitments and training sessions.

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