A Day in the Life of an iSmart Store Manager


Julliet Mukiri, iSmart Store Manager

In January of 2014, Julliet joined iSmart as a sales agent. She quickly became a successful agent and was promoted to a store manager in August 2014. As a store manager, her job is to manage inventory and operations at her store and encourage the sales agent to sell as many products as possible with her guidance and expertise. Julliet’s typical daily schedule is detailed below.  

  • Open the store and prepare for the morning meeting
  • Lead morning meeting with the sales agents
  • Check out the products to sales agents using an Android phone to scan the barcode
  • Mark attendance and report the previous day’s sales using Open Data Kit (ODK), which sends the information directly to Salesforce
  • Attend training classes and assist trainees with any questions about the job 
  • Conduct customer surveys to make sure customers are satisfied with their product and the service they received from the sales agent
  • Assist any sales agents who have sold and come back for more products
  • Meet with the sales agents and talk together about the challenges they faced during the day
  • Check-in products from sales agents and record sales