A sales masterclass

We were lucky enough to get a visit this month from representatives of The Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship at the University of Santa Clara and GE (General Electric). After a training session with youth and women sales agents from our Kawangware Branch in Nairobi, the team headed out into the streets of one of Nairobi’s biggest slums to try their hand at pitching life-improving clean energy products to members of the community. A few words from Jeff Miller, of the Miller Center, on his visit:

“We had a wonderful visit to LivelyHoods. The morning sales training was really first rate and very impressive. The students were attentive, engaged, and quite bright. I was impressed with how quickly several of them picked up sales tips both during the training session and then on the street selling. I had the good fortune to accompany Irene into the neighborhood to sell. She is a delightful and impressive young woman and a selling machine. She talked to everyone we saw and pitched them on the Burn stove. Since she was conversing in Swahili, she then translated for me, although sometimes body language gave me a good idea of what was happening. We talked about a couple of different approaches she could take to overcome different objections and she immediately employed her learning, to great success. I think she sold 5 stoves in the hour or so I was there!”