April 2016 || April showers - but the sun’s still shining!

The good: All agents across iSmart branches sold 649 clean energy products this month, which is a figure we’re immensely proud of, and one which has grown each month since the beginning of the year.  The average tenure for current agents has also increased to an average of 3.7 months. We’re still aiming to grow this to an average of six months by the end of the year, which means that we are focusing on retaining the agents that we’ve recruited in the first quarter of the year.  Average agent income has also increased to our goal level for the first time this year, which should mean increased retention as our sales agents are earning enough income to support themselves and their families.

The challenges: Our overall sales weren’t as high as we were aiming for in April 2016, though we weren’t too far from achieving our goal, and it’s made up for by the fact that we’ve opened two additional branches! South C is a low-income area of eastern Nairobi, and Thika is a town within easy reach of the capital, famed for its pineapple growing.  This means we’ve been busy recruiting and training sales agents in uncharted territory, and seeing that there’s plenty of youth and women in these areas looking for opportunities to earn an income. Sadly, the rains that have been beating down on Nairobi night and day have hampered many agents’ efforts. These torrential downpours lead to the streets being waterlogged and make getting around extremely difficult.