August 2015 || Over 1,000 Clean Cookstoves Sold!

The Good: We’re proud to report that we reached a new sales milestone with over 1,000 energy efficient cookstoves sold in August. This is a 400% increase over our highest revenue in a single month in 2014.  With six branches in operation, we are now employing a salesforce of over 100 sales agents. With this incredible increase in sales, we’ve also increased the average agent income again, now to 179% of our goal.  

We also had some exciting additions to our team in August!  Helena Cardona has been working as a fellow for LivelyHoods since February of this year and she accepted a full time position as our Monitoring and Evaluation Manager. We also hired Andreas Kidane to join the LivelyHoods team as Director of Operations. Andreas grew up in Eritrea and studied in the US and Sweden. He has worked in LA, Stockholm, and Nairobi specializing in management, sales, and recruitment. We are excited to welcome them both to our team!

The Challenges: The one number in red is the number of youth trained, where we achieved 95% of our goal. However, we still created more jobs than we were aiming for, which means that our conversion rate from training to employment was higher than we predicted it would be. If we are able to maintain that efficiency, we can focus on increasing agent tenure at LivelyHoods and reducing training and recruitment costs.