August || A Hiring Spree of a Month!

The Good. We opened our second shop, we hit our job creation target and we surpassed our average transaction per customer indicator. Our management team conducted a comprehensive SWOT analysis of our organization, and recognized that recruitment and training is our core competency. The data shows that we are excellent at preparing unemployable youth for a lifetime of employability. We also received a grant from the Michael Manzella Foundation. The Foundation was founded by Yale students to honor their friend, gifted scholar and musical talent who lost the battle to cancer at the age of 21. This grant will surely honor his legacy in a lasting way.

The Challenging.We are still falling behind on our revenue targets. If you’ve been following our updates over the course of this year, you will not be shocked to hear that we are still experiencing a supply gap of our best-selling cookstove. We have, however, made a payment for a 3-month supply. Additionally, we have inventory that is not moving. In the upcoming month, we are going to bundle these products into “smart deal packages” to clear our shelves.