December 2015 || Our Best Year Ever!

Reflection: We are thrilled to report our final numbers for 2015! It was our best year ever – We doubled the number of branches in operation, more than doubled our sales revenue, and nearly tripled the number of energy efficient products we sold compared to 2014.

At first glance, if you look at our impact, you might be a bit skeptical to see that the number of trainees took a significant decline. However, this is actually due to a change in strategy that we made this year to increase our impact and sustainability. Using a more targeted approach, we nearly doubled our conversion rate of trainees to sales agents from 27% in 2014 to 52% in 2015. This will increase our sustainability as we are able to spend fewer resources on training individuals who aren’t interested in the job and spend more time and resources on our sales agents, where we have the greatest impact.  

Looking Ahead:  Going into 2016, we are focused on growth and sustainability. We plan to open an additional 6 branches in 2016 and double our revenue again by the end of the year. For sustainability, our key focus for 2016 is building agent retention and tenure.  We ended 2015 with an average agent tenure of 3.9 months and we are hoping to increase it to over 6 months in 2016. Sales agents staying longer will mean that we can spend less on training new sales agents and more on rewarding and incentivizing loyal and top-performing sales agents.  

We are excited for all of the possibilities that 2016 holds.  As we continue to prove LivelyHoods’ potential, we hope to secure investments that will make our vision to expand throughout Kenya and East Africa a reality!