December 2016 || A short month to end a big year

The good: December is a short sales month, with the holiday closure putting the pressure on to perform in just two weeks. With plenty of marketing activities, thanks to a grant from the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstove’s Enterprise Marketing Fund, and the official launch of our installment payment plan, we far exceeded our sales goals. We also received confirmation from the Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP), funded by the governments of the UK, Finland and Austria, that they will be working with us in 2017 to expand in western Kenya, and so more LivelyHoods branches are coming!

The challenge: As we train a new Branch Manager, our Thika store remains temporarily closed, which keeps us at a total of 10 branches when we really have the capacity to be at 11. We will re-open the Thika branch in January as we begin planning for our EEP funded expansion into six new towns west of Nairobi.