Fast Company Features LivelyHoods!


LivelyHoods was featured in the Fast Company Co.Exist Generation Change series. The series highlights young entrepreneurs making a difference in the world. Written by brilliant Whitney Pastorek, the story highlighted our evolution and impact. 

“Young people have incredible talent and potential, but in countries like Kenya, they don’t have an opportunity to actualize it,” Springer explains. “What we heard is that there’s a lot of youth-serving organizations that provide food, that provide clothing, that provide shelter. But they never really give young people–and this is a literal quote–a chance to ‘fish the fish.’” Laden continues, “We talked to about 300 young people in the community, trying to find out what skills they had, what experiences they had, what they were interested in doing. And every single one of them had sold something at some point–whether it was drugs, or fruit, or [cellular] airtime. We thought, ‘There’s a skill that we can build on.’”

You can read the full article here.