February 2016 || A Month of Many Sales

The good: This month we comfortably exceeded our sales targets, a result of all agents setting their own personal goals, working closely with branch staff to explore new markets, and striving to fulfil their personal ambitions. Though we’re not quite up to the average sales agent income we’re aiming for, we have improved from last month.  An influx of new agents means that the average is lower than if they were all experienced sales agents, but they’re sure to improve in the coming months as they become more experiences and learn more tricks of the trade. We also recruited  and trained 54 youth and women this month and as the new, impressive wave of sales agents gets into their stride, we know that these numbers will only go up.

The challenges: Our newest branches, outside of Nairobi in Kiambu County, do not have quite the same population density as inner-city settlements, and so these markets have been harder to master. The newly recruited branch managers in these locations are working with trainers and recruiters to understand the unique challenges in Limuru and Kikuyu, and boost the agents’ presence in these two towns.