February || Marketing Events are Back and Sales Keep Rising

The Good. Sales exceeded our goal this month by KSH135,980, with resellers contributing 50% of our total sales. Sales agents also performed well, with Martin Maina selling KSH30,500 worth of products in his first month and winning the Sales Agent of the Month prize. We held three table marketing events this month in Kawangware and Kangemi, all of which generated KSH53,100K (8% of total sales and 17% of total agent sales). Prices were reduced for the Powapack, Firefly, Powerpoint light, and Burn cookstove (#2 in revenues and the first time it’s been in the top 5 products sold), which led to increased sales of these products. 

The Challenges. There were a lot of products returned with warranty issues, namely the Ramptons blender with mill (7), irons (5), and kettles (2).  Turnaround time is roughly one week from pick-up to return, however, which is faster than it had been previously. The bad news came in that Envirofit is ceasing to supply the CH4400, which has been our number one seller for the last three years. We are hoping that the other clean-burning cookstoves in supply will pick up in demand and fill that gap. 

Martin Maina with his Sales Agent of the Month certificate and prize.