January 2013 || Feeling Real Good

The Good. We are enthusiastic about our January results. We achieved our performance targets in every category except for one. With the help of Kopo Kopo’s mobile money platform, we no longer receive cash payments for product purchases from our sales agents. We created a modern and branded sales catalogue and began carrying Luminarc household products. Finally, we have begun researching potential locations for our second store in Kangemi, Nairobi.

The Challenging. We recruited fewer youth than we anticipated in January. While we achieved 80% of our recruitment target, we attribute our unexpected recruitment shortfall to the 2013 Kenyan elections. Many young people with whom we conversed about jobs reported that they are currently involved in the elections. A recent Daily Nation article mentions how political coalitions are promising youth employment miracles in exchange for youth participation and support. Despite the tense political climate, we will continue our recruitment cycle in February. More than ever, our team feels the urgency to ensure unemployed and marginalized youth have the chance to become productive and contributing members of their communities. 

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