July 2015 || Record-breaking Sales

The Good: We did it again – for the second month in a row we broke our sales record, earning nearly $30,000 in revenue in July and selling over 600 clean cookstoves!We are also proud to report that once again we increased the average agent earnings to 162% of our goal, which is nearly double the average income for some of the slums that we work in.We continued our successful strategy around daily and weekly performance-based incentives. This strategy has helped us not only increase revenue and agent earnings, but has also improved our retention rate and we ended the month with the largest sales force in iSmart history.

We also opened our sixth branch in a slum in Nairobi and Kiambu counties called Githurai.Githurai is a vibrant and bustling community with a high population density.We had a big turnout for our first training and, within their first two weeks, the agents were able to sell over 40 clean cookstoves to families in their community.We can’t wait to see Githurai’s full potential and break our sales record again in August!

The Challenges: We experienced some challenges with the city council in our newest branch.Githurai is split between two counties, Nairobi and Kiambu, which are each governed by their respective local governments.We are required to buy each sales agent a daily marketing permit.However, since Githurai is in two counties, we need to either purchase two permits or select which county they will market in each day.In addition, the permits for Kiambu county need to be printed each day, whereas Nairobi county allows you to purchase permits for several days at once.This is an inconvenience for our agents who will have to go to the city council office each morning to receive their permits.We are working to develop relationships with the city council so that we can overcome these challenges.