July 2016 || Strategies for growth

The good: This month our workforce and our average agent tenure have both gone up, as we have created 22 new jobs for unemployed youth and women, and provided a sustainable income to agents who have remained with the program. As agents have increased tenure with LivelyHoods, they can access a greater number of products and be allowed to remain with their consignments of products over night, over the weekend, or to travel across the country to sell in different locations. Agents generally see a month-on-month improvement through their first three months, which then stabilizes into the fourth month. We are coming up with new strategies of how to ensure that each individual reaches this point, and remains with the program for long enough to realize their full potential. 

The challenge: Though our sales have been stable over recent months, we’re aiming to grow them substantially, and have therefore set ourselves ambitious goals for revenue and sales agent income. We are now reviewing our goals to ensure that we set realistic targets that can be met and exceeded from the sales agent level to the organizational level.