July || A Slow Start to Quarter 3

The Good. After many weeks of negotiations, we finalized license agreements with city council for our “pop-up sales tents.” We implemented a new agent evaluation for trainees and exit survey for our sales representatives. And we received awesome coverage of our work in the United Kingdom’s leading newspaper, the Guardian. Finally, our brilliant summer fellows found that the best way to grow our sales volumes is by selling directly to local organizations and businesses. We are now considering how best to train our sales representatives for such a task.

The Challenging. We did not hit our job creation goal, our average income goal, or our sales revenue goal. The number of youth we trained was lower than anticipated given that we did not place an advertisement in the newspaper. The average income was lower than we anticipated, although still promising at 90% of our monthly goal. And finally, we suspect that we will make up for our gap in sales revenue this month once our best-selling fuel-efficient cookstove model arrives next month.