June 2015 || Sales, Sales, and More Sales!

The Good: Remember last month when we said we had the highest monthly sales so far in 2015 with close to $8,000?  Well guess what?!  We’ve nearly doubled that in June and are proud to report our highest monthly sales in iSmart’s history! For the first time this year, our numbers are all in the green and we couldn’t be happier. Our sales have drastically improved and we were able to sell over 350 clean cookstoves. We’re also thrilled that our increase in revenue was not only due to an increase in the number of sales agents working in our sales force, but also to an increase in agent productivity, meaning that the average income per agent was also the highest it’s ever been. This improvement can be attributed to a new strategy we’ve developed around setting not only monthly branch targets, but also setting daily personal goals and weekly group goals. It creates social pressure for each agent to perform as well as competition between the groups and the branches.  We’ve also created a tiered management mentorship program where our top earners are supported by a member of staff, including our executive director mentoring the top three performers across the organization.  

This month was so great that we organized a celebration at Nairobi’s arboretum with games, food, and fun with all the sales agents and staff.  Check out a few pictures below. We are looking forward to continuing to develop our sales and incentive strategies and reach our goal of doubling our 2014 revenue and earning over $200,000 in 2015!  

The Challenges: This was the first full month piloting our branch in Limuru.  Limuru is the first peri-urban area that we are operating in and we are learning how to navigate a new landscape. Unlike slums in Nairobi which are very densely populated, the town of Limuru is quite spread out. However, there is still a demand for clean cookstoves there and our sales agents were able to meet their monthly target.  Another challenge in Limuru is that many families are farmers or work in the factories in the area and we are finding it difficult to recruit large numbers of unemployed youth and women. We are working on refining our strategy to overcome these challenges as we believe there is still great potential for sales in peri-urban and rural areas.  

A local tea company was having a promotion so we were able to enjoy some tea and some spontaneous Zumba dancing in the park.

Here some of our sales agents are competing in potato sack races.

Millicent, our program manager, is explaining a game to the group.