June 2016 || More branches, more agents!

The good: We now have a total of 12 branches, with a new branch having opened in the Changamwe area of Mombasa. We had our first internal promotion from amongst the Mombasa sales agents, and we’re pleased to present Gladys as the Changamwe branch’s local manager. The number of sales agents across LivelyHoods has gone up accordingly, back up to the level of agents we had in March, when we had conducted a large number of recruitments in the beginning of the year. All of our KPIs have improved since last month, setting us on the right path to making the most of the dry, temperate months ahead of us, where sales and income generation for individual agents are set to be the highest of the year.  

Gladys, Branch Manager in Changamwe, Mombasa (in pink) with a group of new sales agents. 

The challenge: We’re still not hitting our revenue goal, which is key in securing our future sustainability. However, as we expand the number of branches and adjust our team structure, such challenges are embraced and we have a clear way forward for confronting them: reworking our training program to ensure greater retention of agents from the beginning of their time as sales agents; increased product range, including a selection of wood-fired and charcoal-powered stoves from various manufacturers; and finally, new incentives for agents, including competitions and a larger number of promotions to senior sales agents. And as an extra bonus, the rains have stopped!