March 2013 || Lively Steps

The Good. Eight new youths have joined our sales force and are finishing sales training. In a survey of 46 customers, 100% of respondents said our sales agents are professional and explain products well, and 93% of respondents reported they were happy with their product purchase. We invested in an iSmart tent (see below) to increase our brand visibility during our weekly pop-up shops. Our Executive Director served on a 3-hour Rockefeller Foundation Twitter panel to discuss the future of livelihoods in the informal economy with participants form across the globe. And with StayClassy, we now have our first donor management system. Feel free to try it out and make a donation!

The Challenging. Despite closing for a week during the Kenyan presidential elections, we were confident we would hit our revenue goals. That was not the case. We did, however, exceed our quarterly target, reaching 158% of our Q1 revenue goal. And with Luminarc products like mugs and glasses now in our product line, the average transaction per customer has taken a slight dip. We expect this to normalize next month.