March || A New Monthly Revenue Record!

The Good. Sales hit a new record of KSH976,139.00 for a single month! Each of our three locations performed well, particularly our new location in Makadara, which is now responsible for 21% of our sales. Last month, resellers were responsible for 50% of our sales. This month, sales from our sales agents brought in 84% of our record-breaking revenue. Accordingly, the average net income per sales agent went up and surpassed our goal of an above average salary for the first time this year. The more we sell, the more our agents make, and the more lives we change in slum communities. 

The Challenges. On average this year we are training 50 youth per month. This is much higher than our averages in previous years of around 20 per month. We are thrilled to be making an impact on more lives through the business and sales training we offer, however the number of jobs we are creating out of that training fell short of our goal this month. It could be that we are not recruiting the right people for our training, or that the higher numbers in the classroom are resulting in lower individual attention for trainees. We discussed this issue in our Q1 staff meeting and have come up with some experiments to try over the next three months to identify the problem and increase our conversion rates.