May || A New Recruitment Strategy


The Good. 

We made another pivot with our recruitment strategy and it has been fantastic! Instead of marketing a ‘job opportunity’ with our sales force, we market 'sales training.’ Retail is one of the fastest-growing industries in Kenya, and sales expertise is an employable and coveted skill. This strategy gives potential sales representatives the chance to 'get their feet wet.’ Not only did we hit our recruitment target, all of our new sales representatives sold at least one product during their first week in the field. LivelyHoods is also excited to announce a new funding partner - the

Osprey Foundation

. The Foundation promotes economic opportunity and environmental conservation in a sustainable way. We launched an

IndieGogo campaign

and raised $27,074 with contributions coming in from around the world.

The Challenging. 

We did not meet our sales projections because we are experiencing a supply gap of our preferred cookstove model. We still have other models in stock, however. We are talking to a number of partners to finance the purchasing of our inventory to reduce our dependence on suppliers. Right now, if a supplier has a supply gap, we inevitable do as well. Strong financing partners would enable us to warehouse inventory, and mitigate supply gaps even if our suppliers may be experiencing one.