May || New Sales and Training Records Broken!


The Good. In May we trained more people and sold more products than we ever have in a single month. LivelyHoods is also officially over the 500 youth trained mark, which we will celebrate as a major milestone for the organization. We trained 88 people in four different locations this month, including a new location in Mathare North, which we are testing out in partnership with Destined Youth Initiative Kenya. We sold over $11,500 in products, with sales of the energy saving stove from Burn Manufacturing leading our product line. We hope to see this trend continue through the rest of the year!

The Challenges. As we’ve posted in previous months, we are working to improve our conversion rate from youth trained to jobs created. We fell just one short of our goal of creating 18 new jobs in May, which is a major improvement over the past few months. We are seeing about a 20% conversion rate each month, so we’ve mainly solved the job creation issue through training more people. While this means we are increasing our impact on youth through our training, we want to see our conversion rate go up to 30%. Over the next few months we will introduce incentives for training and recruitment staff to try to get them more engaged in the conversion process.