November 2015 || Over 5,000 Clean Cookstoves Sold in 2015

The Good: With the 661 clean cookstoves we sold in November, we’re excited to report that we’ve already reached our goal of selling 5,000 clean cookstoves in 2015!  To put that number in perspective, that’s more stoves than we sold in the last four years, combined. It’s definitely been a great year for growth at LivelyHoods. In addition to achieving our sales goal, we also just opened our 8th branch in a community just outside of Nairobi called Kikuyu.  

Another highlight is that since we’ve revised our key performance indicators and started tracking average agent tenure, it has gone up each month.  This is one of the areas that we really want to work on in 2016 and, throughout the year, increase average agent tenure from 3.7 months to over 6 months.    

The Challenges: The one number in red is our sales, which were at 97% of our goal.  As we mentioned last month, it is the rainy season in Kenya and that is slowing our sales down.  As we move into December, we are hoping the weather gets nicer and our sales will pop back up to over 1,000 clean cookstoves per month in the New Year.