One-on-One with an iSmart Sales Agent


Maureen Adhiambo, iSmart Sales Agent in Kibera

Maureen, 19, has been working as a sales agent for iSmart for six months and is still going strong. After completing secondary school in Machakos, a city located one hour outside of Nairobi, Maureen, moved back to Kibera to help her mom and brother. She dreamed of starting her own business but couldn’t afford to pay for further education, so she started working as a house cleaner.  

In November she heard about iSmart and the business training offered for young people like her. A few days later, she and two of her friends decided to attend to the training where she learned sales skills, in addition to team-building skills and how to manage her money. Every morning she comes to the office to share, learn, and collaborate with other sales agents and select the products she will sell each day.

Maureen is now able to help her family financially and is one of the top sales agents in Kibera. Thanks to the experience and skills she gained at iSmart, Maureen is confident about her future. She likes selling products and connecting with the customers. One day Maureen wants to become a business woman and open her own shop or even a restaurant. She loves fashion and Kenyan food and would like to study catering or fashion design in the future.