September 2015 || New KPIs

The Good: This is the first month we’re using our new KPIs and things are looking pretty good.  We were able to meet our revenue goal and sell over 1,000 clean cookstoves. Also, our average agent income was 10% higher than the international poverty line of $2 per day.  We added a completely new KPI on agent tenure, or the average amount of time our sales agents have been working with us.  For September, our average agent tenure is slightly over three months and we hope that this continues to rise to an average of six months by the end of next year.  We are working on developing incentives for senior sales agents to increase retention and tenure at iSmart.  We’ve also been preparing to open our seventh branch in October!

The Challenges: Though we were able to meet our revenue goal, we sold less cookstoves in September than we did in August. The sales agents have been reporting that school fees were due, and as the majority of our customers have children, this impacts their purchasing power.