September 2016 || Long-term commitment

The good: This month our average tenure has significantly increased to an all-time high, with a large proportion of the youth and women we work with committing long-term to LivelyHoods, and becoming more successful, well-established sales agents in their communities. Their average income, though not quite at the level that we are aiming for, is still in line with the annual growth we expect, and we know that as tenure continues to increase, this will also rise.  We have taken the decision to close our Kibera branch for now, after two years of operation, and concentrate our resources on the branches that are having more of an impact on the community, and where receptiveness to the opportunity we are offering is higher.

The challenge: Our continued effort to concentrate on targeted recruitments, bringing in fewer new trainees than before, has led to a downward turn in the size of our sales force, which has therefore made our overall sales goal harder to reach. However, this long-term investment in reaching out to individuals who have a true passion and acumen for sales, betterment and providing innovative products to their communities will pay off as the months go on!