September || LivelyHoods on the Rise


The Good. Bouncing back from August, this month we’ve improved our numbers in all of our key performance metrics: youth trained, job opportunities created, sales revenue and average agent income. These across the board improvements can be attributed to our staffs’ efforts to kick start training and sales in our newest locations, Mathare and Makadara. In Mathare we were able to get operations going in full swing, managing our own store, recruitment and training. In Makadara we transferred a store manager from our headquarters in Kawangware.  Demonstrating excellent managerial skills, she was able to work closely with the sales agents, inspiring them and helping them boost their sales and their morale!

Another September highlight is that the Executive Director of LivelyHoods was selected as one of ten inspiring leaders and finalists for the Gratitude Awards. Tania was invited to give a pitch at SOCAP, the largest impact investing conference for social enterprises.  Check out the two-minute video clip here.     

The Challenges. We are still experiencing supply chain issues with one of our best-selling products, the Burn stove. Our supplier has been dealing with their own cycle of supply challenges including shipping complications that delay manufacturing. The delays have caused a build-up in demand that their Nairobi manufacturing facility is not able to meet. We are in close contact with the supplier and agents are ready to sell as soon as the issue is resolved.

Another practical factor influencing our numbers is that our goals are cumulative, building on each other from month to month.  August set us back and now we have to work not only to meet our monthly goals, but also to make up for those losses.  We are working hard to ensure that our training and jobs numbers will be back in the “green” in October, putting us in close reach to meet our sales revenue goal by the end of the year.