September || Stoves are in Stock!

The Good. LivelyHoods was awarded a D-Prize Fellowship. After an intensive application and interview process of multiple rounds, the D-Prize team identified LivelyHoods as having an innovative products and service distribution model with the potential to scale. D-Prize was co-founded by the CEO of One Acre Fund. You can learn more about D-Prize in Forbes and the Stanford Social Innovation Review. Additionally, LivelyHoods has launched a partnership with Kiva’s experimental innovations team to finance our product consignment model. 37 youth completed our marketing and sales training this month. Unlike previous months, we marketed the opportunity through both community posters and a newspaper advertisement. We began distributing Malaika Jikos, and they have had relative success during their first few days in the market. The sales in our second shop have grown by 200% over the last month. 

The Challenging. Our revenue target is behind our goal, but our performance has improved significantly since last month. We got our best-selling cookstove product back in stock, but this did not have as dramatic impact on our sales as we had hoped. Unfortunately, we also had to cut back our marketing activities due to high fees being imposed upon us by the local city council.