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August 2016 || Retaining and maintaining

The good: The average tenure of our current sales agents has shot up this month, meaning that more of them are committing to working long-term with LivelyHoods, and therefore benefiting from our ongoing training and income generation possibilities. It also means that the average income per agent has gone up, as income amongst our sales agents rises over each month that they remain with the organization, as they build their pipeline and perfect their sales pitch.

The challenge: Total revenue generated across the organization compared to our goal has taken a dip, as we have not been growing the size of our sales force, but rather increasing the tenure of our current sales force. However, sales have been consistent this whole year, demonstrating the efficiency of our processes at all of our 12 branches. We have now embarked on a new strategy for growth within our branches as opposed to adding new branches. We will make changes to the way we recruit and select sales agents, putting into practice the lessons learned over the last few years of training over 2,000 youth and women and being able to identify and nurture those who have great potential.