May 2016 || An uphill climb

The good: We had some really successful recruitments this month in several of our branches, including our newest branch in Mombasa, where over 100 youth and women turned out to join iSmart! Our growing group of trainers, all of whom are former sales agents, have been working hard to provide training and support to all of our new recruits. Because of their hard work, our sales force is up to 97, across 11 branches, and our sales figures have remained consistent with the previous months.

The challenge:

The month of May was a tough month, battling almost daily rains and with national school fees due! Our sales agents know at which times of the year their customers will have disposable income and May in urban Kenya appears to not be one of those times. However, the hard work and persistence of the sales agents and their branch managers has paid off, and we distributed 575 clean energy products over the course of the month. Several sales agents have also struck up promising relationships with SACCOS (savings and credit cooperatives) to supply their members with clean cookstoves on credit. We should see this strategy pay off in June!